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Water Softener

New & improved water softener by RV Water Treatment. The large unit will soften 15,000 grains of hardness, the small unit 9,000 grains of hardness. Regeneration is done through the filter housing by removing the sediment filter and installing the regeneration tube, then adding table salt or solar salt. Comes with a 5 micron sediment filter and housing.

We can upgrade your old softener to this style or a total rebuild depending on the age of the unit.

Amerisoft Water Softener

Water Filter

Water Filter
  Water Filter Housing
    DUAL & STAND wrench and filters included - Call for Pricing
  • Single wrench and filter of choice (plus shipping)
  • Dual wrench and filters included Sediment & Carbon (plus shipping)
  • Dual & Stand wrench and filters included (plus shipping)
  • Water/Sediment filters
  • Carbon Block
  • Water Filters and Dual and Single Housings
  • Your Choice of Filters For Housings
  • 5-Micron Carbon Block
  • 5-Micron Sediment Filters
  • Housing Prices include Your Choice of Filters
  • Discounts on Multi-Filter Orders

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